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Logo for The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals
The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals - AGCP
The AGCP is a world-wide association composed primarily of club makers with professional club fitting as an area of expertise.
Logo for The Professional Clubmakers' Society
The Professional Clubmakers' Society - PCS
The PCS has been recognized as a world-wide premier society for club makers. I am a "Class A" Certified Clubmaker. 
Logo for The Golf Clubmakers' Association
Logo for The United States Golf Teachers Federation
Logo for The Better Business Bureau
Golf Digest Certified Clubfitter Emblem
The Golf Clubmakers' Association - GCA
The GCA is a world-wide association. I have earned all levels of accreditation - Basic, Advanced, and Professional.
The United States Golf Teachers Federation - USGTF
The USGTF is a world-wide federation representing the profession of golf swing instruction. I am a USGTF Certified Level III golf teaching professional. Certification from the USGTF includes meeting both national swing instruction and playability standards.
The Better Business Bureau of Kansas City - BBB
Being a member of the BBB of greater Kansas City with an "A+" rating tells my potential clients that I have a reputable business.
Recognition by Golf Digest
In 2017 I was recognized by Golf Digest as one of the best golf clubfitters in the United States.
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